Demian, a foreign worker from Moldova who works at a construction site is victim of the contractor's shady business of organ trafficking.

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Alex Brener
Izik Ozeri
Udi Haver
Rageb Abu Rokun
Amjad Hashem
David Shmul
Philip Baranov


Screenwritter: Daniel Brener &
                          Meir Ben Salomon
Director: Daniel Brener
Produsers: Daniel Brener & Sivan Livne
Production manager: David Shmoul
First assistant: Steeve Fitoussi
Director of photography: Saleh Daxi
Gaffer: Meir Ben Salomon
Sound mixer: Tal Urech
Sound editor: Erez Levi
Editors: Daniel Brener
Music: Rotem Moav


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